Find out what you need to know NOW
About the Shift that began at the end of 2012

Mayan expert, Carl Johan Calleman, David Wilcock, Mark Borax, Hunt Henion, and the other authors quoted in
The Renewal
, believe that we could be experiencing a metamorphosis very similar to what happens to a caterpillar in a chrysalis.

      The Renewal
is all about how to believe in and cooperate with the magic of this transition

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See What Expert's are Saying about
The Renewal
and Hunt Henion

"Hunt Henion is a Modern Day Nostradamus"

"Hunt Henion is a modern day Nostradamus; his insights and channeled messages are profoundly inspirational.  Anyone who has ever wondered about the coming age and what will occur in 2012 must read this book.  You will feel infused with peace after hearing  what Hunt has to say about our bright future."  

--- Laura Lester Fournier - author of The Caterpillar's Flight

"The Renewal is an Enlightening, Balanced View"

"The Renewal is an enlightening, balanced view of the time of transition we are currently living.  In this writing, Henion brings together a wealth of information on these changing times.  Joyfully, all of this points to our responsibility to connect and listen to the Higher Powers; to once again return to unity, connectedness and honoring; to move beyond the current tenets of our society and evolve, as the Earth is evolving, to a higher frequency.  Thank you, Hunt, for sharing so beautifully the shift we are in and our individual responsibility and choice."

--- Barbara Joye, "The Shift Guru" author The Light Won

"Hunt Henion Inspires all of Us"

"How will YOUR life change after 2012? Sharing insights from intuitive visionaries and indigenous wisdom, Hunt Henion inspires all of us to actively co-create the best possible transition through 2012 and beyond. The Renewal is an essential guidebook showing us how to not just survive, but thrive and flourish at the greatest junction of awakening of our time."     

--- Cynthia Sue Larson, author of  Aura Advantage

"Concise Information, Written in an Enjoyable Manner"

"A lot is said in this great little book... Hunt Henion has done the research, and inner search, to come up with concise information, written in an enjoyable manner with fun illustrations. There is even a section at the end of each section so that the reader can muse over the readings to come up with their own integration of information and novel thought. A great read. To top it off, Hunt is contributing all the profits to International Rescue Committee, a global relief organization. -- Suzanne Lie PhD, author of Journey Through the Arcturian Corridor or shorter version: "...concise information, written in an enjoyable manner with fun illustrations.  ... a great read!"

--- Suzanne Lie PhD, author of Journey Through the Arcturian Corridor

"You are Someone Connected with the Masters"

“Hunt…you have an amazing ability to make a very complex topic appear simple and easily understood by most anyone. ..."I realized some time ago that you were someone connected with the Masters.  Thus, my respect for everything you have to say."

--- Wayne Peterson, channeler of Maitreya and author of
Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Beings

"What a powerful book to be so small!"

" your encouraging book last night....   What a powerful book to be so small!  That's good.  Too many people will not tackle some of these long, complicated books that are out there on the subject.  I read (author's name withheld), comprehensive book on what's out there about 2012, and I can understand why most would not want to go there.  You've done a service by providing this information in a package people can handle."

--Susan Fincher, Reader

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