All You Need to Know About Relationships is Revealed
in Intimate Detail, in This Potential Cult Classic!

This is a true love story about two golden-agers, one of whom is much more golden-colored than the other. They're as different as black and white. Yet, they complement each other like day and night, and their delightfully disarming romance is ageless and epic!

“Hunt 'n Bunny” describes these senior's adventures with love on racially foreign soil. Their inspiring personal story will warm your heart and open your mind to the possibility of finding love ANYWHERE – with someone who you feel is “out of your league” or from a more exotic race... or the person you've been involved with (and maybe less than inspired with) long term.

The door to the treasures of Wonderland can suddenly appear and swing open for you without warning! This story reveals much about how to find that door. It's interspersed with romantic revelations that give the reader guideposts to that goal in the form of some charming and challenging romantic notions.

Like "Alice in Wonderland," Hunt & Bunny's adventures in Wonderland walk you through a captivating place where you witness an often surprising code of conduct. Both books have many original illustrations. However, instead of just describing a strange land that becomes "curiouser and curiouser," Hunt & Bunny's Wonderland is a romantic world inspiring revelations that lead to happy endings at every turn.

Light and fun, this concise book reveals a serious message about the rewards of grounding our lives in a trusting and vulnerable love, and the value of an accountable partner you can talk to. "Hunt's Hierarchy of Partnership Needs" details how a couple can help each other scale Maslow's classic pyramid. "Tea Time" cites how all the major religions have commanded their congregations to obey the same core concept of kindness. Still, for those who need a practical reason to obey those golden rules, "The Golden Key" gives you exactly that.

Hunt & Bunny's adventures and observations in Wonderland creates a map of how to get back to that land where loves forms the essential foundations of all of our projects and pursuits. This book is a love story on a higher level and a guide to successfully navigating that alternative world.

In Hunt's New Book, Discover How To:

  • Make love grow and last...
  • Achieve your highest potential with a little help from your special friend...
  • Enjoy peace and harmony AND a Wonderland of delight!

Revelation #1: Black is not as different from white as it might seem.


Revelation #7: A good relationship gives you confidence in your abilities and helps you stay inspired to do and be your best. "Love is the magic cookie that makes even the smallest person a giant!"

What Readers Of The Book Are Saying...

"The more I read Hunt 'N Bunny In Wonderland,
the more I like it!"

"The more I read Hunt 'N Bunny In Wonderland, the more I like it! … Hunt provides an excellent, multifaceted perspective on relationships... This book is a fun reminder that focusing on love not only feels best, but also affords us the best chance of creating the most peace and harmony in of our lives."

~ Therese Black, author of 1 World Peace Plan

"Each page opens our hearts and minds"

"Hunt 'N Bunny In Wonderland is a genuine story of unconditional love filled with strength, courage, intimacy and honesty. Hunt’s candid chronicle of his unfolding experience with Bunny is an inspiring portrayal of our beautifully diverse human nature. Each page opens our hearts and minds to a deeper understanding of the voyage of our soul through our personal relationships with others."

~ Harold W. Becker, author and President & Founder of the nonprofit, The Love Foundation

"Great work Hunt!"

"Great work Hunt! What you wrote is difficult work and few couples dare to embark on this journey! Only if more had courage to go against what society says their relationship should look like!" ~ Janie Lacy, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, NCC, CSAT Relationship Therapist & Professional Speaker.  Media reps call Lacy the “relationship guru.”

"This book is so raw, honest, & heartfelt!"

"This playfully provocative book challenges readers to reconsider relationship beliefs. Hunt Henion shares deep personal insights that can only come through spiritual union in surprising ways that inspire and delight." Then, in a personal note to the author she said: "When it comes to feeling and showing love, I wish this world was a lot more open. I figure we can change it, one person at a time. I think your new book is a big help in that regard! This book is so raw, honest, & heartfelt! I just love reading it!" ~ Cynthia Sue Larson, Life Coach and bestselling author of Reality Shifts and Aura Advantage

"I recommend it to anyone looking to
experience the divine in their love life"

"Hunt 'N Bunny In Wonderland beautifully relate what happens when faith and trust take over in a relationship and we enter the sacred space of heart connection. Relationships can be a path to a more responsible, fulfilling, spiritual life, and this book shows you how. I recommend it to anyone looking to experience the divine in their love life". - Sophie Rose, spiritual counselor and author of the award winning book, The Way of The Heart

"Relationship Revelations will help you see why
fun is fundamental in a healthy relationship"

"Hunt 'N Bunny In Wonderland will help you see why fun is fundamental in a healthy relationship, and shared humor is a way to enlighten up the heavy material of the material world, and turn it into levity.  Oh, and beneath the playfulness there are some deep profound truths to keep your relationships thriving."

~ Steve Bhaerman aka Cosmic Comic Swami Beyondananda, author of four funny books and some serious ones as well (including Spontaneous Evolution:  Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here with cellular biologist Bruce Lipton.

"Your story is more than a story -
it helps formulate deeper thinking"

"Everything you write is exactly how I believe, and it is so nice to see those thoughts in print.
Your book will help people like myself, men and women well versed on societies relationship boundaries, see how submitting to another in love is so FANTASTIC!  It helped me with the insecurities I was feeling about being this way. ...Your story makes me search inside my heart as a woman and think wow, I have to feel like Bunny does about Hunt to have a true relationship. Your story is more than a story - it helps formulate deeper thinking." ~Amy Koch Johnson, CA

"Light and fun, this concise book reveals a serious message about the necessity to ground our lives in love, and the value of an accountable partner in that process."

Hunt 'n Bunny is a story of one man's search for love and his discoveries along the way. As Hunt summarizes his romantic revelations, he give the reader some charming and challenging notions about life and love to consider.

Although they're as different as black and white, they get along amazingly well somehow.  "Hunt 'n Bunny in Wonderland" explains how, in hope-inspiring delightful detail

This is a true love story about two golden-agers, one of whom is much more golden colored than the other. However you define the “twilight years,”  Hunt & Bunny are in the zone – that Twilight Zone that begins somewhere around 60.


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