It has begun and I wanted you to know why so you can rest assured that this is all happening for you!


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Messages From Mother Earth

I reported on my last meeting with Mother Earth in an Examiner article on Aug 13, 2010.

I've decided to keep channelings since then private.  The ones below took place before that date.

Reasurrance from Mother Earth

It’s been many months since I received my first message from Mother Earth, but this morning, I felt her unmistakable presence again. I felt she had something to say and then images, concepts, and stories began to fill my mind. Many of them floated right across the borders of the past and present and into the future.

She responded to the queries of my heart and semi-conscious mind with answers which are difficult to separate from the questions in retrospect. Besides, communication with this advanced soul has to be stepped down quite a bit just to put it into our words. With that in mind I humbly submit the translation below.

Images of man’s inhumanity to man and the earth cracking and quaking and flooding many areas filled my mind when stories began to appear. She showed me how people used the gift of free will to control others and how many here have perpetuated that cycle to the point where it now looks like it will never end without intervention. However, before we started with her new message, she took me back and showed me scenes of an ancient time as background and she told this story:

"My children had been captured. They made physical and causal changes to them to insure their permanent servitude. They took their very nature and potential away, as I watched. They were reduced to little more than physical machines. When when an angel finally inspired someone to give the people back their ability to reproduce, I sent out my prayer: “Please, let them have the divine gift of free will so they can take back their lives.”

The world was extremely oppressive, and they needed this special gift just to get back to a natural evolutionary path. My prayer was answered even though everyone knew that from then on, the evolution of my children would be anything but natural.

They did indeed assert themselves, and with some divine assistance were able to take back their world. Yet they never learned to use their divine gift of free will in a divine way."

Then she showed me scenes from history. I saw how people would use their free will to take away the free will of others. Vicious cycles of conquest, murder and mayhem were the ways our ancestors expressed their control over their environment. Then just when it seemed that the rulers were becoming more aware and humane, their neighbors would attack, conquer, and the cycle would start all over.

"I watched as they were continuously sucked back into this cycle of misuse of their powers." (As she said that, she showed me a scene from my own past where I also misused my power, totally stripping me of any sense of superiority and giving me a better grasp on the universality of the problem she was describing.) "The oppression they caused grew as their numbers grew. I waited for my children to outgrow this phase, but what was a cycle of oppression became a permanent situation. The leaders lived off the life force of my children. I poured my heart out to them until there was almost nothing left. Then, I asked for another change."

After almost losing her life for us on two occasions, she wanted to change the rules again. She wanted out for herself and for us. This began what we’ve come to know as the ascension process.

"They’re altering my children’s DNA again, so we (referring to herself, the sun, and others) are making our own DNA enhancements. This is giving your leaders a better chance to see the light, and giving the oppressed new ways to protect themselves.

Your leaders are also playing God again with your lives. They’ve become resolute in their desire to remove many from what they consider their planet. So, we’re dislodging them from their fortresses."

She showed me the earth cracking open in places, and volcanoes spewing ash into the air and floods covering the lands. Then she explained:

"It has begun and I wanted you to know why so you can rest assured that this is all happening for you! "

" When you plant a garden, don’t you first have to cultivate the soil? You turn over some weeds, and take others out. That way your seeds have a chance. After a while you need to fertilize too. (Visions of ash covering the ground filled my mind). Then, you need to water. (I got a picture of a flooding town and then flooding a garden to saturate the soil.) "

" My prayer has always only been for the survival and growth of my children. The gift of free will saved your lives! Now, your hearts are moving to a place where you can use divine free will in a more divine way. Blessings to you all! You ARE Loved!"

That was it. I was left with the memory of many earth changes, but my contemplation was captivated by the assurance that they will be kept to an absolute minimum. That left me with the feeling which began my communication with Mother Earth – one of immense love and concern for us which is shared by a multitude of higher beings.

Our Mother's Love (1st message)

A greatly abridged version of this was printed in the “Feedback Loop” section of the March 2008 issue of PanGaia Magazine.

I’ve wanted to get a message from Mother Earth for about a year. I’d hoped Danna would be able to get in touch with her via channeling, but that connection was never made. I've asked questions of Mother Earth before, and someone has answered them. However, it never felt like Mother Earth, and Billy, the entity Danna usually channels, confirmed that it was a wood nymph who answered my questions speaking on behalf of the Earth.

Then yesterday, it felt like it was time, so I laid down to see if I could connect. I felt a deep sinking in my chest as my consciousness connected to that great soul. At first, I think I may even have stopped breathing. I got some of a message in words, and the rest in the deep language of the heart and through visions.

Her words were filled with feeling, and that feeling was a big part of the message! So read slowly. Mother Earth has a special connection with each of us, and maybe my experience can help you have your own.

Her first words came through loud and clear: “I’m looking forward to a simpler time.

Then she showed me scenes of people playing happily, being good to each other and to the earth. Imagine all of Earth’s people playing happily and working calmly, leading a very simple life. Imagine a life of cooperation instead of competition. The message of this vision is that that’s what Mother Earth wants for us! Our individual pursuits over the millennia have created a monster. She wants to help us banish that monster just as any good parent would want to do when their kids get in over their heads.

As I contemplate the simpler time she foresees, I know what she has to do, and I know what we’re supposed to do. I can feel Mother Earth’s enthusiasm as I ponder her vision and her passion for that vision. She wants us to resurrect the principles and priorities of the ancient natives. She wants us to feel the natural joys of living and breathing much easier, knowing we are surrounded and supported by a brotherhood we’ve all but forgotten.

After I’d gotten this much, she showed me the most remarkable thing I’ve ever seen. Suddenly, I was transported back to the beginning, before humans had ever manifested on Earth. Their spirits filled the sky as they watched the animals play. The people wanted to feel the sun on their backs and the ground beneath their feet, and all the sensations the animals experienced. So, the forerunners of humans on Earth manifested bodies which were partly their true form and partly the animal they admired most.

There were half man, half horse beings; half man, half bird, half man, half anything you can imagine. For many thousands of years man would manifest as half one creature after another trying to understand the fullness of nature here on Earth. They were happy and peaceful. At first there weren’t even any carnivores. As far as any onlooker could tell there was a wonderful harmony and order to life on Earth.

However, gradually, the desire to embody the entirely true human form grew. They resisted this urge for a long time, but the desire for internal harmony finally had to be answered. After resisting that desire as long as possible, they only agreed to physically manifest their perfect human form when they had the assurance that the animal (or two) they related to most would accompany them in spirit. They wanted to be sure that the spirit of their animal would always be with them as they walked on Earth, physically separated from their beloved other half.

I had never understood the idea of an animal guide, but this vision explained more than I ever hoped to understand about it. This country’s first people were evidently also the world’s first people, but that proof is at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean . The natives from other races have a special heritage which explains their connection to animals too, but I only know for sure that this is the story of the red race.

Showing me many of her animals, she said, “They are your connection to Nature, and your connection to your own nature when you live in my world.”

In the eyes of Mother Earth, we’ve lost just about everything that’s important. We’ve replaced our joy of connection with complication. We’re suffering and don’t even know why, and she’s suffering too! The time for change is upon us, and that’s why she said: “I look forward to a simpler time.”

In the simpler time ahead she looks forward to, there will be fewer people, but the number of people existing on the Earth doesn’t matter. She said, “I can happily support many more than we have now. "

I love all my children more than any parent on Earth loves theirs. Remember that! Changes are coming. I need to shake off some of the negativity which has built up so I can make a new home for you. You’ll all be dealing with more negativity too, and my prayers are with you. "

People will have to make difficult choices. One choice is to follow me to a new place. You are all welcome to come, but not everyone will want to. That’s your free choice, and I thank the Source that you were given that gift of Free Will from the bottom of my heart. "

Now as I move on, for the first time in history, the children of a planet have the ability to move on consciously with her. Those who want to will…. I’m the most fortunate mother in the Universe.

I think I should point out that channeling has confirmed that Mother Earth was responsible for getting us the gift of divine free will in the first place. Up until that point, all dualistic beings, including man, simply followed the dictates of their nature. We “never came to any crossroads.” (Billy said that in channeling as he tried to explain what free will actually is and what life would be like without it.)

Free will has made us inclined to do some pretty radical things. Frankly, almost every time we used it thorughout history, it was to take away the free will of others and make life hellish for everyone. In fact, on two occasions, our acts of free will almost killed Mother Earth!

Yet did she say, “Thank God I’m finally getting out of here and away from you guys?” No!! She thanks God for the gift of free will which will enable those who want, to follow her to a new home. Contemplating that love, I'm humbled and feel closer than ever to a Mother Earth I'm just beginning to get to really know.