Meditate on This! 

As magnetism drops (as it will continue to do right up until the dimensional sift), our brains become less reliable.  However, as our vibrations rise (as they’ll continue to do right up until the shift), the perceptions of our heart become more reliable.  Now is NOT the time to worry about our religious or intellectual beliefs.   Now is the time to get out of our increasingly less reliable head and into our heart.

Ideas sprout or fall away in a natural way when we listen to our heart.  Nudging people to listen more to their inner knowing is the main purpose of Mother Nature’s human tuning process which occurs ever 13,000 years (when she lowers magnetism, which lowers our receptivity to the mental thought patterns  which are otherwise trapped in the morphogenetic field, i.e. earth grid).  We’ve asserted our independence and contributed to this field of thoughts and attitudes for many millennia.  Now, Mother Nature is asking, nicely at first, for our attention again. Now, as we approach the dimensional shift, harmony with the Earth and each other needs to be a priority, perhaps our main priority.

Basic Technique: Fill your mind and heart with what you love most.  You might imagine yourself in a forest, or surrounded by your kids or some special loved one.  Meditation is the time for honesty.  Don’t worry about what you think you should love most.  Just honestly fill yourself with the joy of what is most dear to your heart.

Follow the lines of love from this object of your affection to the source of all love and blessings.  Sit down and feel what it’s like to be at the center of all that’s real – the center of all the love of God and Nature.  This is your nature!  This is your home!  It’s the spiritual galactic core. 

What you love most is the black hole around which all things bend.

Realize that you don’t have to chase what you want.  All good things eventually find their way back to the core.  Other things, which aren’t in your best interest, will just burn up in the blaze of that love which is all around you.  Feel the security of nothing to fear.  Sit and contemplate what that might mean for your life.

Do this every day until you can take this core of love with you as you walk through your day.  Do it until you can imagine hurricanes blowing around you but not blowing your from your peaceful center.  Do it until you can imagine heaven and earth falling away while you still sit at the core of all that real – untouched and unmoved.  Then, meditate on it more until you go even deeper and more securely into that core of love which is the home of soul.

Add-ons: You might try chanting/singing the word “Huuuu” to help quiet your mind and fill your heart with love.  Hu is an ancient, sacred name for God, and chanting it was the basic technique they taught us in Eckankar.  It’s also the way Drunvalo recommends beginning his techniques.

You can find info on Drunvalo’s Merkaba meditation here: 

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Meditation shines a light into the dark corners of our minds.  As we approach the shift, events will likely be pushing us into those dark corners of fear if our footing isn’t firm.  Meditating on our oneness with the source of all love in these shifting times is as important as breathing – maybe more important. 

Summary of basics    
  1. Imagine the love.  See it in the thing or person which is closest to your heart. 
  2. Feel it with all of your being.
  3. Follow it back to the source of all love and watch as events swirl around you.  Nothing can move you as you sit at the center of all that’s real.

Nature Meditation

During a channeling on how to get back to nature, we were told: “Practice being the plant.  Feel yourself in the stem, the leaves, and the roots….  Pick one tree or plant and practice being in it everyday.”

He also said, “Before you pick a plant, ask its permission, and listen.  Before you take a rock from its place on the earth, ask it if that would be okay.  Some will go with you willingly.  Others will need to stay where they are.  Just because something is inanimate, doesn’t mean it’s not alive.”

Blessings and hugs,