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Examiner Interview with Hunt

Articles by Hunt:

"Free Will and our Developing Reality," published in the Spring 2007 issue of MT Shasta Magazine. Listed just below the article by Depok Chopra on page 5.

"The Needless Battle between Hindu and Buddhist Brothers"

Radio Interview April 23, 2009 by CBS Psychic Radio,

Interview regarding The Don Q Point of View: June 15, 2009

Radio Interview with Jyl Forsyth on CBS Psychic Radio:

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Earth's magnetic & physical shift -  Inner Self Magazine's 9th most popular article in 2011

Neurotheology: The Crucible of Religion published in Institute of Noetic Science May 2012

Radio interview 5/2011:

Also here is a collection of my articles on Enlightened Economics.


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Hunt is a “Soul Growth Mentor” at
He is also earned Expert Author status at:

Hunt is the National Practical Spirituality Examiner for The Examiner.

He reviews spiritual books and is the originator of the Don Q Point of View Seal of Approval.

About The Author

Hunt Henion spent over forty years constantly studying and contemplating the workings of life. First, he was initiated into Transcendental Meditation.  Then he practiced Buddhism; then studied Eckankar, “the religion of the light and sound of God,” serving as a member of their clergy for six years.  He finally earned his PhD in Religious Studies. Combining traditional research with specific questions asked through a trans-channel have resulted in four books in the last five years.

Once, in channeling, he was told that he was the crazy old man who was Cervantes’s model for Don Quixote.  That triggered a flood of past life memories. Hunt’s appreciation for Quixote’s perspective and his desire to set the record straight about that character resulted in the writing of The Don Q Point of View”

When Henion asked more specific questions about his past and the history and future of mankind, he got a unique perspective on that too.  These insights are the subject of “Looking, Seeing & Knowing.” 

After being blessed with all this insight and perspective, Henion went back to his first manuscript, “The BIG Fake-out,” which was simply a documentation of all of life’s illusions, and rewrote it (winning a Reader View’s book of the year award) as "The Big Fake-out, the illusion of limits.”     

All three of these books are different aspects of the perspective that grew after meeting Danna and having regular channeling sessions. They all tell spiritual stories from history, his present life and past lives, and they all reveal hidden truths in uniquely heart warming ways.

"I like Henion's writing style.   It flows well and is easy to digest." -- Crichton Miller, Author of "The Celtic Cross," and "The Golden Thread of Time."

Hunt Henion performs literary alchemy, transforming everyday struggles we all endure into golden inspiration.
Lisa Shiel, award winning author