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Book Review: By Suzanne Ward

Hunt Henion has expertly woven his recollections of other lifetimes into Looking, Seeing and Knowing.  Far from being “New Age” information, this fascinating book isafount of ages-old wisdom and truth that each of us needs to re-discover for ourselves.

Understanding that our personal soul contracts for this lifetime are inextricable intertwined with our own and others' multiple lifetime experiences answers our deepest, haunting questions: Who am I? What is my life all about?

-- Suzanne Ward, author of The Matthew Books


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Looking, Seeing and Knowing is a guided tour in easy-to-understand language, of history rewritten through metaphysical eyes.

-- Michelle A. Payton, PhD, author of the award-winning Adventures of a Mainstream Metaphysical Mom, and Birth Mix Partners.


Hunt Henion's book "Looking, Seeing, and Knowing" is insightful and uplifting. It will leave you feeling inspired and ready to greet the changing world with fresh perspective. A great read! 

-- LLF


Hunt Henion has a gift for sharing esoteric knowledge in an easy-to-understand language that helps open our mind to the Divine secrets of the Universe. And not a moment too soon...as Earth begins her ascent to a new dimension of life, and there is one truth that we need to remember if we choose to make the journey while still here in our physical bodies. Looking, Seeing and Knowing helps us to re-discover our innate (yet easily forgotten) connection to that aspect of yourself that knows the truth.

-- Sylvia Bucek, author of The Flight Manual
-- 2012 Revelations Revealed during a Near Death Experience


I really enjoy reading this author Hunt Henson's books. Looking, Seeing & Knowing is a wealth of knowledge on the truth of who we are and why we are here now. A "Philosophers' Stone" for the present!!

-- Kaleo Snider


I doubt if any other book published this year will be more timely and important
than this one
. A man of remarkable knowledge, wisdom, experience, humor and modesty [five aces – not a bad poker hand, wouldn’t you say?]

-- Michael Dean, London


About The Author - Hunt Henion, PhD

Hunt Henion has always sought perspective as the key to understanding the workings of life. First he was initiated into Transcendental Meditation in an attempt to transcend the limited human view on things.

Next, he practiced Buddhism, served as a cleric, and finally earned a Ph.D. in Religious Studies.


- Awaken to One Alliance http://www.awakento1.org/

- Hunt is a “Soul Growth Mentor” at www.soulgrowth.org

- He is also earned Expert Author status at: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Hunt_Henion

- Hunt is the National Practical Spirituality Examiner for The Examiner.

- He reviews spiritual books and is the originator of the Don Q Point of View Seal of Approval.



Not available for shipment outside the US.


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Order The eBook Download - Only $12.12

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Learn what the Hopi and Edgar Cayce had to say about how good people will be magically  protected during the coming earth changes.

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