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Questions and Answers

Q: You’ve said that Comet Holmes will be the second sun for the ascended world, and that when the Earth ascends, that comet Holmes will disappear from the skies of the 3D earth.  Will it be a lot warmer in the ascended world because than in the 3D world because of the second sun?

A: No.  There will be differences though.  The second sun will affect energy, magnetics and biorhythms.  People of the ascended Earth will be healthier because of the way the two suns complement each other.  That complementary sun energy is also what will enable that world to produce higher protein plants so the inhabitants can effectively go vegetarian after a while.

Q: Is the economy going to crash in 2008?   

A: If it does it will be right before or after the election.    Expect to see top political figures falling.

Q: Why is that exactly?

A: Because the new energy won’t support them.  Their crimes will be coming out in the open more all the time.

Q: You’ve said that we won’t be going into a void this time as we cross into the next dimension this time.   Yet I keep hearing about 3 days of darkness.  Will there be three days of darkness caused by the 12 planet or for any other reason between now and the shift?

A: No.  The darkness is metaphorical.  People may be in a daze, but it won’t exactly be dark.  Those who cross over with the Earth as she ascends will actually see much more light. Everything will twinkle and sparkle and glow.  There might be a very short time of darkness, depending on where on the earth you are when the poles shift.  It could be up to about 30 hours, but definitely not 3 days this time.

Q: I’ve heard for many years now that Saturn is turning into a sun.  Is that true?

A: Maybe in a million years or so, but certainly not in your lifetime.