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The Big Fakeout- The Illusion of Limits

by Hunt Henion

Fake-out #1: Human potential is dependent on circumstances.

Fake-out #2 The illusion of limits is our enemy.

The magic of life can break down barriers between us and our goals, or it can build them up. It lends purpose to our illusions by blessing us with joy or with challenges. It works with us when we cooperate with It.  Yet it serves a higher purpose than the gratification of our desires.

It’s human nature to base our hope and faith on the outward appearance of things.  Even though we all sense that there must be something more, we take our limitations at face value.  We bounce around within the borders of our barriers franticly looking for a way out, rather than the calmly trying to discover the reasons for those barriers and the key to unlocking them.

“God works in mysterious ways," doesn't quite cover it.  "We're all part of something bigger than we can understand," doesn’t cover it; The Big Fake-out – The Illusion of Limits does – in magnificent, easy to understand detail.

“Fake-outs are the framework behind the divine structure of life.”  I illustrate their importance with personal and historical stories.  Then, I lay out the hidden order behind human existence like blueprints on a table, making our perception of barriers irrelevant.  I hope you’ll see how our age-old enemy, illusion-induced error, is really just a rite of passage -- empowering us all with a profound perspective.

Hunt Henion

Hunt Henion has always sought perspective as the key to understanding the workings of life. First, he was initiated into Transcendental Meditation in an attempt to transcend the limited human view on things. Next, he practiced Buddhism, served as a cleric, and finally earned a Ph.D. in Religious Studies.  Still, he never got all his questions answered until he met and married a woman who channeled.









A sneak peak into The Ancient Secret of the BIG Fake-out.

“You need to claim the events of your life to make yourself yours.  When you truly posses all you have been and done, which may take time, you are fierce with reality." - Flonda Scott Maxwell

As I’ve stumbled through life, I’ve been faked-out at probably every major turn, and tripped over every major stumbling block.  Suddenly, this stumbling, falling, crawling journey has run me head-on into a fierce realization: These fake-outs weren’t mere incidental inconveniences.  I now know them to be the strands out of which the tapestry of life is woven and key in motivating us to our highest potential.

Life’s little fake-outs are but fragments of the big illusion under which we all live. Our limited perceptions, misguided missions, and all the wrong ideas, which somehow get stuck in our heads are actually our Holy Grail on our quest to test our limits. Ancient wisdom, known to all the amused bystanders who carefully stay out of harms way, but forgotten to almost everyone living within the earthly arena, is that nothing here is what it seems. When the divine path winds all the way down to the physical realm, it rarely leads where we expect it to go, and life simply becomes a process of elimination as our hopes and goals get refined.  We realize what doesn’t work anymore, or maybe what never worked, and move on one step at a time.

Saviors have demonstrated how the twin virtues of detachment and love can take some of the wrinkles out of life. However, in the end, the game plan’s the same. We each agree to play a particular part, oblivious to other perspectives, in order to learn a particular lesson.  Our higher self sits in a safe place, far away from the consequences of this fake-out world, and puts those lessons together lifetime after lifetime. We check in with that divine self between adventures, but generally never see that compiled picture of ourselves until after we’ve left our little, fragmented lives.

Everyday fake-outs are simply the map to our spiritual education this side of Eden. Following this map is a journey of hope and disappointment, love and loss, life and death.  Where the road leads is always a mystery. It may take us across the mined battlefield. Or, when life is good, we’re presented with surprises and choices all wrapped up like pretty little presents on Christmas.

Through trial and error, we unwearyingly unwrap the ones that look best and play with our new toys. Sometimes we get hurt.  Sometimes we hurt others, or destroy the house! Whatever happens, we’re blessed with the tormenting enlightenment of hindsight and a good guess about what to do differently next time.

That’s the divine plan and one of our holiest of trinities:  We’re faked-out. We make mistakes.  Then (hallelujah!), we learn and evolve.

Like ocean currents, order persists despite what’s happening on the surface. What we perceive as the order may change from time to time, usually just when we feel we have a grasp on things. Still, beneath the surface, there’s a beauty we usually can’t even imagine.  It’s a strange and wondrous world where some sort of divine order constantly recreates itself out of the chaos of human error, ignorance and weakness.

I beg the weaver of the dualistic world’s pardon as I step out of my contracted envelope of ignorance long enough to observe this ancient, secret plan. It’s with great respect for the plan behind the sacred rite of falling victim to fake-outs that I admit that finding myself misled is getting a little old, and a new thought is emerging. The deluded and conflict ridden path of physical attachments has led me to an appreciation of peace and the simple joys of life.  Also, from where I sit precariously perched out of harms way for now, I can see that I’m part of something bigger and much grander than the irritating, sometimes devastating, fake-outs at hand. 

As I sift through the rubble where I’ve played and worked, I find that all the really important blessings in my life came about as incidental byproducts of what I thought I was doing.  I’d continuously make mistakes, but somehow the universe healed them, so the wrong direction became the right one.  I now know that some of those wrong turns were actually part of my prelife contract. Others weren't, but they still helped build my motivation for success and stimulate my creative approach to the constantly changing illusion of limitation.

Success over our challenges is often slippery to hang onto.  However, no matter how "bad" things sometimes turn out, blessings have always been born from my disappointments. Disappointments have been plentiful, so I’ve been very blessed!  I don’t know exactly what they all are yet, but when I watch carefully, I can see them twinkle on the dark horizon.  When I listen carefully, I can hear their music over the background noise of my crashing hopes. I’ve also watched with amazement as these blessings have matured and blossomed with multifaceted personal benefits, even as the disappointments that gave them birth have died. 

That’s why I’m digging up all my old stuff and chronicling the discoveries like an archeologist going through ruins.  Bear with me as I pick through the trash of my life looking for buried treasures.  We’ll sit in the dirt, discuss the finds, and maybe together, we can decipher which way is up in this upside-down world!

Table of Contents Table of Contents Table of Contents Table of Contents Table of Contents Table of Contents


1.   Journey to the Upside-down World. 5

2.   Memories of Home. 9

3.   The Sun Also Rises. 13

4.   My Early Years. 17

5.   Blind is Beautiful 21

6.   The Tree of Life. 27

7.   Lessons from the Authorities. 31

8.   Inner Guidance. 34

9.   Rest & Rewards. 43

10. Blue Skies. 47

11. Hunt’s Law.. 49

12. The Fairer Sex. 52

13. How Crazy Are We?. 57

14. Magic Mantras. 60

15. Thanks – The Great Purifier 63

16. Devotion. 66

17. Feedback. 68

18. Harmony. 70

19. Little Cages. 73

20. Little Kids. 75

21. Vulnerability. 78

22. 11:11, 13:13, & 12.21.12. 82

23. Beginnings and Endings. 88

24. View from the Wings. 91

25. Endings and Beginnings. 95

26. The Thinning Veil 98

27. The Heart of Things. 101

28. The Final Battle. 103

29. Flowers from the Ashes. 110

30. Outlook. 113

31. The Vertical Horizon. 116

32. Happy Endings. 119

33. Tricks of the Trinity. 122

34. Doubletalk from Duality. 127

35. One. 135

36. The Journey Home. 137

About the Author 141


The BIG Fake-out, the Illusion of Limits, “wowed me!” It was spiritually moving, and inspiring.  It had engaging stories anyone can relate to.  This book will help the reader begin to look at the challenges of life calmly from a Higher Perspective and take the steps necessary to clear out the illusions that seem limiting.  Mistakes are all part of the Divine Design of life and all decisions are good and have a purpose. Hunt Henion suggests we bless everyone, good and bad, follow our heart, and leave the fear and negatives behind.  When we do, we will be vibrating as Love, Harmony, Gratitude and Grace. Henion says, as we come to know our Oneness with God and each other, we will evolve into the “Homo Luminous” beings we were intended to be in this Age of Aquarius” –
Rev. Abigail Albert of the Family Spiritual Center, Poway Interfaith Team, and Board member of the Affiliated New Thought Network.

“This book illustrates the fact that we tend to stumble through the drama of human life accepting the illusion of separation and limitation as reality.   It brings the light of truth to the reader that all those “stumbling blocks” that appear to our conditioned mind as negative events are really stepping stones that can motivate us toward our true nature as spiritual beings with unlimited potential.  The author has given the reader a book that is enjoyably inspirational.”  
Dr. Angelo Pizelo, President of the Emerson Theological Institute and board member of the Affiliated New Thought Network

“Hunt Henion performs literary alchemy, transforming everyday struggles we all endure into golden inspiration.”
 Lisa Shiel, award winning author

Formal Reviews:

“The Big Fake-out, the illusion of limits,” is Hunt Henion’s manual encouraging readers to embrace God’s bizarre ways and understand it as Life jut being full of a series of differently sized fake-outs God puts before us as we trudge along.  “The Big Fake-out, the illusion of limits” is a unique sort of self-help spirituality manual…utterly fascinating and useful…”
James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review

The BIG Fake-out, the illusion of limits

Hunt Henion
Shift Awareness Books (2008)
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views (1/09)

The author has written a very informative and interesting book…. As individuals here on earth, we are only interested in what benefits us…. we try to control everything to get what we want instead of looking for truth and guidance that comes from the universe.

Have you ever wondered why certain people come into your life when you least expect it? When you get that “gut feeling” do you think it might come from spirit guides?
The author describes “dying daily” as where one withdraws from the world and gets in touch with whom they really are. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all did that?

Do we even know who we are or where we are going? Most of us think we do, we also think we have a good grasp of what it means to live the good life. I found “The Ancient Secret of the BIG Fake-Out” by Hunt Henion to be very interesting and an intense read.
Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views

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