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For a nostalgic, crash course in the Don Q Point of View, see this video clip from the 1972 classic, Man of La Mancha, with Peter O’Toole and Sophia Loren.


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The Don Q Point of View

by Hunt Henion, PhD

Perspective is the difference between defeat and victory!  It's all a matter of your point of view!

The Don Q Point of View traces the author’s motivation from one past life to another; leading up to what was probably his most peculiar past life as the crazy old man who was Cervantes’s model for Don Quixote.

"...evolving consciousness in sequential lifetimes suggests a karmic series of actions and consequences...compatible with the most robust cases evaluated by the Reincarnation Experiment." -- Paul Von Ward, author of The Soul Genome: Science and Reincarnation. --

“You have not only given us a good and instructive narrative, but a collection of keen insights into the dynamics of reincarnation." -- All the best, Paul

Cervantes said:

 “I do resolve that Sir Don Quixote remain entombed among the old records of La Mancha, until Heaven ordain someone to adorn him with the many graces that are yet wanting…” 

Finally, after 400 years that wait is over!

 The Don Q point of View tells Cervantes’s stories about Don Quixote from Q’s own perspective.  It gives insight into that perspective as only Q himself could do and tells what happened to “the knight of the mournful countenance” in subsequent past lives right up to until today, when he’s known as Hunt Henion.

"It might be thought difficult to say anything new about the Don, but in these pages we have a reliving of the Man of la Mancha’s life and hard times that is Startling in its originality " - Christopher Rollason, Ph.D, Metz, France, literature authority

You don’t need to have read Cervantes’s novel to appreciate The Don Q Point of View You don’t need to be a believer either!

Even those who aren’t inclined to accept the authenticity of the author’s first person narrative versions of Quixote, Dulcinea, and Cervantes, are still going to delight in their stories.  Just to imagine these characters (real or not) who “reached for unreachable stars” during the Spanish Inquisition era, will inspire all with a romantic, undauntable perspective, which IS “The Don Q point of View!”

The legacy of Don Quixote comes to life as Henion resurrects chivalry and a belief in the impossible dream in this startling tale!


* Which stories are true and how they differ from Cervantes’s versions,

* The reasons for Q’s obsession and run-away enthusiasm,

* Stories of Cervantes’s courage and inclination toward chivalry, and

 * His true motivation for writing his classic.

“ In addition to inspiring views, Henion shares stories behind the stories.  … his style of pinpointing motivations and actions made for even more interesting reading.  --Michelle A. Payton, Ph.D., Author of “Birth Mix Patterns,” “Healing What’s Real,” and“Soul”utions.” .

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Print Version:
ISBN: 978-0-9822054-1-9
148 pages, List Price: $14.95

E-book Version:
Price: $11.95


Review of Hunt Henion, THE DON Q POINT OF VIEW, Eureka (Montana): SHIFT AWARENESS BOOKS, 2008, 148 pp., 1SBN: 978-0-9822054-19,

by Christopher Rollason, Ph.D, Metz, France –,

Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes’ world-famous novel, has offered generations of entranced readers a world where the boundaries between imagination and reality are porous, ever-changing, and repeatedly crossed. In the ninth chapter of Part I, Cervantes himself claims the book is ‘really’ a translation from an author writing in Arabic, Cide Hamete Benengeli; in the third chapter of Part II, the Don and Sancho are told about a book that is none other than the first part of Cervantes’ novel featuring themselves. Readers have been similarly imaginative. In the American literary tradition, Washington Irving tells of a Spanish countryman who solemnly believes Sancho and the Don to be real people; in Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer spins yarns of elephants and diamonds and tells a sceptical Huck: “if I wasn’t so ignorant, but had read a book called “Don Quixote”, I would know without asking”.

Now, more than four centuries on, Hunt Henion’s The Don Q Point of View comes as the latest in a long line of tributes. It might be thought difficult to say anything new about the Don, but in these pages we have a reliving of the Man of la Mancha’s life and hard times that is startling in its originality.

The book’s narrating “I” tells the reader that he who writes actually was, in a past life, a Don Quixote who in real truth existed. The reader who agrees to suspend disbelief, or to believe all the way, is rewarded with a remarkable journey. Hunt Henion retraces his steps as the Don, riding side by side with Sancho across the La Mancha plain: and tells how the book Miguel de Cervantes wrote combined fact with fiction, mixing true recollections of Don Quixote’s life with his own elaborations and inventions.

G.K. Chesterton saw Cervantes’ Don as no better than a “lean and foolish knight’”. Hunt Henion’s Quixote is at the antipodes of any such travesty. He is lean, but he is not foolish. He is one whose vision aspires beyond the surface of things and makes of the world a constant battlefield between good and evil. Despite defeats and disappointments, the paladin of the good never says die, and goes on believing till his last breath in “the impossible dream”. The Don whom Hunt Henion brings to life is the heroic Quixote, the one who on a dusty road frees the chained prisoners bound for the galleys, the one who declares “I am who I am” and refuses to be another. Our narrator relives a life in which he, as Don Quixote, challenged the rigidities and cruelties of Spain in the Inquisition era, never faltering in his vision of a kinder and juster world. In the epoch of Barack Obama, this re-created Quixote is one who stands up against the giants and enchanters of oppression, and shouts long and loud, for all the world to hear, “YES, WE CAN!”


About The Author

Hunt Henion was initiated into Transcendental Meditation in an attempt to transcend the limited human view on things. Next, he practiced Buddhism, served as a cleric for Eckankar, and finally earned a Ph.D. in Religious Studies. He's the "National Practical Sirituality Examiner", reviews books, and is the originator of the "Don Q Point of View Seal of Approval."  


Ordering Information

Print Version:
ISBN: 978-0-9822054-1-9
148 pages, List Price: $14.95

E-book Version:
Price: $11.95