Planet X will probably fly by February 2014.


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Dear Friends,

Now that the “End of the World" frenzy about 12/21/12 has passed, it's time to get serious about The Shift, which is just beginning to get moving.
Quick overview: Drunvalo Melchizedek was speaking on the physical and spiritual changes that are beginning to occur now, way back in 1990, and maybe before. He's also made several recent videos on the subject
Drunvalo has the most amazing connection to the spiritual realm of anyone I've ever known. I firmly believe that he could know absolutely anything he wanted. However, he told a story once, the moral of which was, “Where's the fun in that?”
It seems to me Drunvalo has consciously chosen to defer to the wisdom of his indigenous friends, who can only tell about how The Shift went down the last time.
Here are a couple clues that Drunvalo has himself given us that qualifies the information he relates to us:
  1. He's said that as a Melchizedek, he's a watcher and doesn't get involved too much with this world. Most of us Melchizedeks feel the same way. Still, we all have to stick our oar in the stream now and then. Drunvalo has contributed a lot to the world over his 30 + years of teaching.  Still, it appears that during the last decade or two, he's consciously taken a back seat to the leadership of indigenous people, whose traditional connection to Mother Earth and life philosophies are key to the future of humankind.
  2. This sacred geometry expert has also said that the cycles from one shift to another aren't simply a dependable circle. It's a spiral, so that although we're physically in the same place in the galaxy we were 26,000 years ago, we're not in the same place as a people. So.... The Shift will be much different this time.
Drunvalo has relayed that the Mayans have predicted that there will be eight catastrophes coming up.
As I understand it, somewhere just before or after the first one, there's supposed to be a dimensional shift that will move us all out of harms way.
Our information is a little different. I write about how exactly we were told the Shift will come down in Looking, Seeing & Knowing. However, for now I just wanted to address one of the eight biggest predicted catastrophes -- the pole reversal.
Drunvalo, and others, have pointed out that before we can reverse our magnetism entirely, it has to pass through a point where we have zero magnetism, which has been proven to erase not just computer memories, but human memories as well.
First of all, I asked about that possibility many years ago in a channeling session (and recorded what I was told in Looking Seeing & Knowing over five years ago). Basically, when I asked if we'll lose our memories this time around, I was told “No.” The reason: “Because you don't need to this time.” (That underlying difference is also discussed in Looking, Seeing & Knowing.)
I've always wondered how it might be possible to not lose our memories even tho we have to move through this zero gravity phase before the pholes can shift.
Richard Hoagland has been reporting on how scientists are working on the Earth's “torsion energy field”  and how that might postpone that reversal indefinitely. Not sure that's possible, or if that would be in our best interests. Still, perhaps they could do something to help stabilize the situation during the transition. I've also been told that our space brothers have put an magnetic field around the earth, so they can lessen the effects of earth changes and direct the energy away from populated areas. If that's true, that could also help stabilize the magnetism that's necessary to keep our brains from losing memory and clarity as the Earth's natural magnetism drops.
The eight catastrophes that the Mayans predict, as relayed by Drunvalo, may be phases we have to go through. However, this time through is much different than the last time, and I believe that they will all be handled, with a little help from the spiritual hierarchy and our ET friends, the same way the magnetism issue will be handled.
The bottom line is that the world will continue. Changes will occur that will allow us to shift to doing things in a much better way, but there won't be any easy out for humankind anytime soon. The universe will be affording us this chance to reboot our world with new programs and without all of the old corruption. However, it's up to us to make the most of this opportunity.
This Examiner article touches on that topic.
And I update it on the eve of the New World here.
If you're wondering what you can do to help the New World get off to a new start, we've put out two books for that purpose: 2012, Creating Your Own Shift, which includes a chapter by Drunvalo Melchizedek, and our newest Amazon bestseller, The Sacred Shift, Co-creating your future in a new Renaissance
However, the best general advice I've heard is to connect with Mother Nature every day so you stay in harmony with her.
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Happy New Year and Happy New World!

December 17, 2012

Dear Friends,

     I've been getting out the information that I feel is important for everyone in my Examiner articles. However, there's quite a bit I'd like to say that wouldn't be received well by the general readers. So, I'm going to point out a few of those key ideas in this email to you.

     I gave an example of the enlightened reaction to the Friday shootings in this Examiner article. What I didn't say is that this may be evidence that people are beginning to lose it more than ever -- as the Hopi and others have long predicted.. Another shooter let off about 50 shots in a Newport Beach shopping center yesterday.

     I'm afraid the examples of people slipping over the edge may just be beginning. Or it may be held at bay for a couple reasons (which I'll get to in a moment). Still, the point is that magnetism has been dropping and as it does, our brains don't work the way they should. I wrote about that in Looking, Seeing & Knowing, and summarized it in this article, which they tell me was one of their top ten read articles that in 2011.

     The theory is that as we approach alignment with the galactic core, which occurs at 11:11 A.M. on 12/21/12 (four days from now), magnetism may be at it's weakest and some say a reversal may occur. This is the natural process. However, Richard Hoagland has been reporting on how scientists are working on the Earth's “torsion energy field”  and how that might postpone that reversal indefinitely. I'm not sure that's possible.  It seems like holding back the ocean tide with a wall of sand.  However, I suppose they could put off the process some.
     I also wonder about another possible mitigating factor. I was told that the space brothers have put an magnetic field around the earth so they can lessen the effects of earth changes and direct the energy away from populated areas. If that's true, that could also help keep our brains from losing memory and clarity as the magnetism drops (like a computer when you pull the plug).
     In this Examiner article  I point out how the end of the world as we know it could be a good thing. That's the divine purpose of the Shift that's occurring. It just remains to be seen how the transition will transpire. For instance, how many more people will lose it to the point of taking the lives of others. Still, it's all leading up to a fresh beginning for us all.
     In this little holiday Examiner article,  I work in two videos that are probably the best descriptions of what's happening of anything I've seen yet. The one that's embedded to the left of the article is a bit lengthy, but it's fun and light and tells you exactly what's happening with the planets and universe, and what that means to us. The narrator of the video also admits that he suspects that we won't remember any of this after the 21st. He doesn't go into why, but I touched on that in the discussion of the magnetism above.
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     Many may sound confident about their insights, but the fact is that no one really knows how this Shift to a more enlightened state, marked by our galactic alignment with the galactic core on the 21st, will play put. So you might also want to start a journal of what actually happens if you haven't already.  Guaranteed it'll make a great story years from now.
     Shift Awareness Books put together a little synopsis of the possible changes coming up in a book that's mostly blank pages, so you can record what happens from your viewpoit with regards to the key issues.
Incidentally, to help get the word out about these important changes during this pivotal time, most of our books have been marked down (often to $12.12 just for the synchronicity of it). 
Happy Holidays!
And as we pass out of this 12,960 year cycle of darkness on the 21st of this month, I'd also like to say “And to all a good night!”
The Golden Age begins tomorrow!
Hunt Henion


I wrote an Examiner Article, Gloom & Boom, recently about the perceived threat of nuclear attack by North Korea, and the NASA suggestion that a meteor may impact Earth next year, and about Ed Dames and his continuing coverage of his groups' “kill Shot” prediction.

I couldn't say want I wanted to in that forum, but I'd like to talk straight with the select few of you who found this page. 
This is just my opinion, and I think it puts some hot topics in perspective, but take it for what it's worth, and as always, you own guidance on these matters is really all that matters.

For what it's worth...

We were told in channeling that our ET brothers are really diligent these days about not allowing any more nuclear explosions occur on Earth. Mother Earth needs to heal, and our civilizations need a chance to Shift into a new mode of operating that is in line with the consciousness of the masses. Normally, they won't interfere with the free-will of anyone on Earth, no matter how much damage some people can do. However, during this transition, there are frankly higher priorities that are more important so that the will of the many can manifest, and so the Earth and all her children can Shift into a bright new beginning.

For decades now, our space brothers have been coming in on all dimensional levels to watch and support us with their love and light. At times, I'm sure you feel it. At other times, we feel the weight of the necessity to handle 6000+ years of karma.

Dealing with our issues and making peace with those who challenge us is probably our main duty right now. However, for your own peace of mind, it's good to remember all of the love that is being beamed at Earth, and at each of us individually, right now.

Because of that, I don't really believe that those watching from the outside will allow a meteor to impact the Earth, causing unnecessary devastation.  And I don't believe it will be necessary for the foreseeable future. 
When we were discussing previous shifts in channeling, we asked about the level of damage each time, and were told of reasons that those events had to occur. When we asked why this shift will be so much less devastating, the answer was basically “because you don't need it this time. It wouldn't serve any constructive purpose.”
I've watched how the probable futures have changed over the years, lessening the devastation each time I looked. However, with that said, I need to point out that there is one situation that has never changed a bit.
I mentioned how our ET friends have stepped in to assure our free-will by limiting the free-will of some of our more malicious rulers during this seven year transition (which ends in 2014 incidentally). However, these outside powers have no authority over the free-will of Earth and her mother Sun. Even if they did, there is a divine plan that simply has to run its course.
You've undoubtedly heard how the sun may throw off some serious solar flares that could disrupt communications and electronics. I explain in Looking Seeing and Knowing, and again in 2012 Creating our own Shift, that the sun probably has an 11,000 year cycle, where it throws off its entire magnetosphere. If that's the case, there's no chance that the solar flares will miss us.
Science aside, we were told in channeling many times now that the sun will throw off some sort of energy in order to unplug the powers-that-be and give new more humanitarian plans a chance to take root. In other words, all of the dire-sounding consequences resulting from no power is probably going to occur in the next year or so. However, when the sun cuts our power, it will actually empower all those who are working to build alternative social systems to help our sacred shift get off to a clean start from the highest possible level.
We are all destined for a new beginning. For some, that's all they need to know. However, for those of you who are reading this, there are some other very important things that you probably need to know so you so that you can fulfillyour purpose at this time:
  • This shift is all about realizing our unity and interconnectedness with everyone on Earth, and actually with all souls everywhere. Taking steps to manifest this reality on Earth is what I was referring to when I mentioned getting our sacred shift get off to a clean start from the highest possible level.

  • We each need to answer the call to elevate our world in our own way – particularly now since the next 6000 years or so will be launched from the platform we build right now.

  • Realize that there is nothing to fear, and there are no enemies in this process. The Earth and Sun are certainly not our enemies. They simply respond to the energies we feed them.

Mother Earth needs to do some more cleansing before this Shift is complete. Still, we can lessen the necessary purges by demonstrating our love and concern, not only for Mother Earth, but for each other. After all, Earth is a big part of the One too.
I'm probably going to be covering what some groups are doing to make the world a better place in upcoming Examiner articles. If you think you might be interested in joining some of these causes, you might want to click on the subscribe button on the top of any article.
Also, if you'd care to write me with what you're doing, and what help you could use for your projects, I'll do my best to connect people with similar interests.
We're on the homestretch. The new beginning is just around the corner now. Let's all do what we can to bring the enlightenment you all are so familiar with down to earth. With your help, this new beginning will reach its potential of manifesting the Golden Age so many of us envision.

Blessings Always,


The Big Picture Update 6/22/2011

You've all been bombarded lately by concerned souls with honest concerns, as well as by others with deliberate misinformation. The thing to remember is that the universe is infinitely more miraculous than any of us can grasp.

If you're honest with yourself, you'll eventually realize that there is one over-riding principle – a template that directs the energy in the universe to fulfill a constructive purpose.

Mystics have defined that principle as love, but if you can just believe in some sort of order, you're on your way to understanding the ballast that keeps our boats afloat.

We often get clues to this as we become aware of the strangely synchronous events in our lives. I first wrote about that in my award-winning book, The Big Fake-out, the Illusion of Limits. That was excerpted in the Best-selling Book, 2012, Creating your Own Shift, and again on the front page of a recent Inner Self newsletter.

That article is titled simply 11:11, 21:21:12, 13:13

Scary Stuff In the News
The articles below all read as scary. Still, we've been told in channeling that the “killer solar flares” that they predict will not affect humans in a seriously harmful way. They will just “kill” electronics, which we've been assured an important part of the divine plan to pull the plug on the Powers That Be.

Also, when they talk about a "deadly" energy cloud that our earth is entering, read that as transformative. We're told that this cloud is also protecting us from the radiation coming from Japan -- making radiation behave differently, so it's not as dangerous as the instruments indicate.

Anyway, here is the info:

Claim: NASA Hiding Approaching Doomsday Space Event (May 25, 2011)

“NASA and the European Space Agency have been warning the world for two years about the approaching catastrophes that may unfold during late 2011 through 2012. ...calling it a "once in a lifetime super solar storm event," NASA warns that killer solar flares can slam the Earth knocking out the Northern Hemisphere's technological infrastructure and kicking everything back to the level of the late 1800s. ...And now the eminent astrophysicist, Alexey Demetriev ["PLANETOPHYSICAL STATE OFTHE EARTH AND LIFE"] claims what is happening is worse-much worse-than what NASA and the ESA have admitted: Our entire solar system is entering an immense, deadly, interstellar energy cloud.

“World defenseless against unknown, alien cloud -- Terrified scientists at NASA discovered on July 14, 2010 that our system is passing through an interstellar energy cloud. This highly energized, electrified cloud of gas is disturbing and disrupting the sun. In conjunction with Earth's weakening and moving magnetic shield, the world is becoming defenseless against massive solar flares and intense radiation.”

No so, according to our sources. The energy cloud actually feeds the Earth and all of us. As I mentioned, it also protects us from the solar radiation that occurs naturally during this phase of the cycle toward renewal. Somehow, the energy cloud absorbs and disburses the radiation so it doesn't impact our bodies as much as it would otherwise.  This also works the same with manmade radiation.

Similarly, the Earth's decreasing magnetism that the article mentions is also part of the divine plan. I explain that in detail in my best-selling book, Looking Seeing & Knowing. 

The article continues, ...” Demetriev warns to prepare for the worst. "Global catastrophe! Not in tens of years from now, but in ones of years."What to expect? The strong possibility of the loss of high technology, increasing superstorms, an encroaching Ice Age, more frequent and massive earthquakes and volcanic activity, tsunamis... . In short, the 2012 fear-mongers may not have been far from the truth after all. If Alexey Demetriev is correct, the events occurring in 2012 will be just short of Doomsday...”
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. As the powers that be face their first real fear since their inception back during Atlantis days, they suddenly have real motivation and are pulling out all the stops to generate fear among us. As our consciousness rises and as we become numb to their nonsense, their actions and claims need to be even more severe than ever to get our attention.
This has caused us to move ever closer to two inescapable eventualities:
  1. As awareness of the selfish and barbaric acts of the dark forces (our leaders to some degree, but mostly corporate leaders pulling their strings) becomes more well-known, they're losing respect. That loss of respect translates to the eventual loss of power.
  2. Also, as things fall apart, our space brothers attentions are becoming more intensely and creatively fixed on our situation.
However, it seems that we don't need to just wait form them to come riding to our rescue. A lot of exciting things are taking place on the inner worlds too!
It may not mean much to say that our vibrations and consciousness is rising. We've all heard that for decades now. However, some impressive specifics are beginning to emerge.
The article above talks about the possibility of an encroaching Ice Age, which could result from increased volcanic activity. When I first heard about that possibility several years ago, I asked in channeling if that might happen. He said he didn't see it happening. I asked if ETs would save us. He smiled and said that regular humans would be the ones to disperse the volcanic dust in the atmosphere using spiritual means. (Here's more on that) 

So...don't let fear distract you from your confidence in your growing spiritual abilities.  Because upcoming Earth or life changes WILL soon provide you with opportunities to exercise to those maturing abilities – like an angel learning to fly.
Here's more fear-mongering on the energetic space we're entering:
NASA 2012 - SOLAR STORM WARNING INTERSTELLAR ENERGY CLOUD (July 18, 2010) (Part 3 of 12 - listen to the other parts through the links in the right-hand column)
Crossing this energetic cloud will apparently take between 2000 and 3000 years! But contrary to the speculation in the article, that's a very good thing!
Still, the unknown is a scary thing, and NASA sent an email to their employees on June 10th of this year.
Here's a Youtube presentation on that:
And here's
that same message on NASA's site.
Simple, common sense preparations are always a good idea – especially during these changing times. However, don't read too much into it.

Here's a good, current (June 11) summary on comet Elenin (that so many of you have been asking about).

My Bottom line: All of those earth quakes that this report points out to have occurred on specific alignments with Elenin were greatly enhanced or maybe even totally caused by human means. That doesn't mean that another bad quake won't occur during the alignment in September. It just means that Nature is not our enemy.

Actually, I'm supposed to remind you that the misguided men causing all the chaos aren't our enemies either. They're testing our resolve, making us stronger, and as I pointed out in an Examiner article, Mother Earth thinks of them as her poor handicapped children. They need our compassion now more than ever – now that their prospects are growing more bleak every day.

Revelations 12:1-2 A great sign was seen in the heaven: A woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of 12 stars. She was with child. She cried out in pain, laboring to give birth.

As the June 11th video above points out, that unique alignment will occur this September.

We're told it's too early for a pole shift, and the ELEnin isn't planet X.  Still, what will happen hasn't been totally written yet – except in a cosmic sense.

The big point here is that Mother Earth is giving birth! A new and improved form of human is increasingly taking hold on Earth. This was forecast by the ancient Mayans and by the writers of Revelations. That day is finally just about upon us. And again, it's a good thing!

Here's an article on overcoming our doomsday heritage and here's one on choosing ascension.

I think the world is slipping into a sort of mental fog right now.  I've written about the Earth's lessening magnetism and how that effects our brain synapses, and my guess is that's the functional part of the fog puzzle, which also has karmic and emotional elements to it.  But bottom line is that we need to keep things real simple right now.

Try to avoid arguing, even when you feel you position is totally righteous. Spend as much time as possible outside in he balancing energy of the trees. Simplfy, and focus on what's important - the divine human behind the beliefs and actions of others.

There are a lot of other scary things in the news, but if you just remember the big picture, you'll find that you're suddenly helping to paint it.

Blessings Always,
Hunt Henion

The Big Picture 02/28/2010


Before we rise to a more enlightened perspective, we first have to go thorugh a dark period, which is a shakedown of all of our beliefs. I talk about this 7 year Transition in a five minute video I made right after the Haiti earthquake: 

It's a casual little video in which I just talked into the web cam. Still, I hope you can overlook the unprofessionalness and glean some of the key thoughts: 1. I predict 5-6 more big quakes this year.  The 8.8 quake in Chili is number one.  2. I mention that an eruption in Yellowstone is probably going to occur before summer. and 3. I try to give you an appreciation for the unusual nature of this trasitional period.

Before our ideas and desires can find a new order in this world, the world needs to purify and our ideas need to wage war in our heads to determine our real priorities.  Externalizing this, people wage war with each other, and multiplying our disharmonious thoughts, countries also wage war.

It's easiest to see the errors in our thinking on the biggest level.  Very few anumore believe that our countriy's actions are always justified.  More and more people are seeing through the veil of illusion that country leaders throw up to justify their actions.  Their true  motives are being revealed, enlightenment is spreading like a virus across the world, and internet communication is contributing tremendously to the pandemic.

Getting ahead of myself for a minute, one of the most exciting things in our near future is when the electricity and internet goes down all over the world (probably sometime between 10/11 and 3/12).  That does put an end to the wildfire of communication that’s consuming the illusions propagated by the PTBs.  However, the loss of electricity will cause them many more problems than benefits.  Still, since this is all over a year away, I’ll discuss it more next year about this time.

This year, you can look for earth changes to pick up their pace.  Each occurrence of volcanic activity will continue to become stronger.  As I mentioned above, Rasha has said that Yellowstone will have some noticeable activity before the summer of this year.  The only question I asked if this would be The BIG one, and he said “No.”   (That’s still coming up in a couple years probably.)

There’ll probably be about five more big earth quakes like the one that hit Haiti and Chili.  Two or three of them could easily be a point on the Richter scale stronger (10 times bigger).

Freak winds will be continue to surprise all areas around the world. As the Earth’s  magnetic force lessens, the jet stream will lower, and increasingly strong winds will to pop up more and more for the next few years.  Eventually (probably in 2014), the poles will shift, the earth will find a new balanced, and magnetism will begin to increase again.

The Gulf Stream is also breaking down. You can keep an eye on it here:

The significance of this is debatable, but it is contributing to the colder temps in the northern east coast of the US and some norther European areas.

While the Earth’s magnetism lessons, it’s vibration is increasing.  The official word from the Navy, who measures such things, is that the vibration of the earth, as measure by the Schulman Resonance frequency, has remained the same since Schulman discovered it in the 1950s.  However, if we always believed the official facts, we’d still think the earth was flat. 

Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone who can measure that frequency except the Navy.  Yet, Gregg Braden has been telling folks for years that the Schulman Resonance Frequency of the Earth is increasing.  Rasha has also confirmed that with us in channeling.  I talk about it and how it relates to the ascension of the Earth in Looking, Seeing, & Knowing.  I'm also puting together a very brief summary of 2012 issues into a book, which is mainly a journal for the reader, titled, The Renewal.  It'll be available shortly, and all the profit from it will go to support the global relief efforts of the International Relief Committee (  I figure that they'll need all the help they can get for the next few years.

In way of an update tho, we’re told that the earth is almost to a steady frequency of 13 on that scale.  When Mother Earth stabilizes at 13, people could theoretically begin to ascend. There are people writing me now who are asking if the ascension has already happened because things glow sometimes; they hear voices or see spirits -- any number of strange things are happening more and more.  However, in actuality, the ascension will be an event that won’t occur until a certain critical mass of people are ready.  In the meantime,  many are just experiencing a bleed through effect as the veil between our 3D world and the higher one thins.

What to expect for the Duration of this Transition

 As the veil between the worlds thins, I see mechanical steps being taken to manifest the ascension almost like clockwork.  Personally, I expect a mini crash in the markets any time now.  However, the first big tick of the second hand of the clock I'm watching won’t begin until about October of this year.

Earthquakes will happen, winds will blow, social unrest will grow.  However, I see the first click of the countdown clock as beginning around October -- Possibly with a major crash in the stock market.  Then, about every six months, the second hand clicks off another major event.  Each one purifies the earth and it’s inhabitants a little more. Each one causes the open hearts all over the world to expand with love and concern. With each one, we'll feel our connection to with One heart of the world more acutely. 

Then, in 2014,when our seven year transition is over, the world will find a new balance, we will all have grown more than we can imagine right now, and we’ll be free to make a new start in a renewed world.


The BIG Picture  02/25/09 (updated about once a year)

Volcanic activity

When we channeled a few days ago, Rasha said that the volcanic activity was picking up.  I've all read about the volcanic activity, but the point here is that there’s a whole lot under the surface, which know one knows about.  I asked if there was anything he wanted to relay to you about this, and he just said “No.” 

 I took this as another confirmation that official website updates about the constantly developing earth changes aren’t really necessary.

There is one thing I want to say about Earth Changes tho. 

However, first a quick history lesson:

Everyone has heard about the volcanic explosion that destroyed and buried Pompeii in 79 AD.  However, what isn’t usually told about that story is that Mother Earth warned the people to vacate the area.  Her warnings were gentle at first, but then in 62 AD, 17 years before the famous explosion, there was an earthquake that totally destroyed Pompeii.  Still, instead of taking the hint and leaving, as the ancients would have done, they simply rebuilt the area bigger and better than ever before – just in time for it to get totally obliterated.  

The point is that no one listens to Mother Earth anymore, and so she’s had to accommodate her ignorant, deaf and dumb children the best she can.  Mt. Vesuvius is a natural spot to let off a little steam, but because the area is so extremely populated, Mother Earth has been diverting that energy to other areas the best she can.

Years ago, I had a vision of Yellowstone erupting and blowing boulders all the way over to our area in Montana.  This is another natural (and eventually necessary) occurrence that Mother Nature has been suppressing.  Ditto with coastal tidal destruction. 


“Plots will be revealed.”  The fear the authorities have been working so hard to create is beginning to turn to anger, and it's going to bite them in the butt.  No specifics, but “expect surprises.”

There are lot of people near the coast and lots of enlightened types insisting on holding back the eventual destruction of the coastal areas.  This can and has been done, and people celebrate their power over Mother Earth when weather and such can be changed psychically.  However, at some point, we’ll all realize that this has only occurred because of our Mother’s great love and tolerance for us. 

Just as you can only hold back gas from coming out of your body so long, Mother Earth will also eventually have to let go.  So, even if you don’t get the internal memo to move away from that cool, coastal area, you might want to engage your brain on the matter fairly soon.  Some people have missions to stay put, but a much larger group (despite their enlightenment on other issues) are simply in denial.  Internal messages do come if we’re open to them, but if we don't listen, we eventually just see it as another lesson.

I’m just saying that if you haven’t done so, look and listen closely.  Somewhere within your conscious grasp is a message for you regarding where you’re supposed to reside for the next five years or so.

I’m sure I’m going to hear a lot of objections to some of these very unpopular messages, but then that’s another reason to only update them about once a year.

FIVE year Forecast

A lot has been written about the importance of 2012, but (according to Hunt) most of it’s simply wrong.

12/21/12 is a significant date for many reasons!  And there are some astrological alignments that occur about that time, which are also very significant.  “The Age of Aquarius” actually begins about then.  However, most of us will not notice any overt changes in the world around us for at least a while after that date. Planet X won’t be flying by, the Earth won’t flip, the tides won’t cover the coastal areas, society won’t totally crash, and we won’t ascend – just yet!

That’s because things happen on the inner before they manifest in the world around us. I’m not an astrologer, but I believe there\'s an alignment of some sort that should start things moving for us the following February.  Then, about every six months thereafter, something significant should happen. 

Billy has confirmed my guess that Planet X will probably fly by in February 2014 – FIVE Years from now. I talk a lot more about that and our ascension in Looking Seeing & Knowing

All I wanted to say at this point is that Obama is the beginning of the new constructive order.  Don’t get discouraged that all his plans seem to fail miserably.  "The economy is based on a corrupt system and it has to fail." -- Rasha 

 Earth changes have to happen. Life as we know it needs to be shaken up so that we'll start listening to Mother Earth, our guides, and our Source again.

Intent is what matters, and after all the destruction, which has to occur, that enlightened, truly concerned intent will survive and resurrect the world.  The intent of Obama and others will survive whatever happens, and when the dust settles (late 2015), the intent for a more humane and enlightened social system will quickly begin to manifest.

Keep the faith.  Everything is unfolding just as it should!

I’m going to aim at updating this message about once a year.  However, if you’d like to hear my occasional comments on the unfolding drama, and you didn’t receive this message as an email directly from, just send us an email, and I’ll put you on the list.  You can also send any comments or questions to that address.  I read all of the email and answer all that I can.

Blessings and hugs,